In light of current events, a new tune…

So. I wrote this song, called ‘What Can We Say,’ a while ago (read: 2017). I believe it rings true still today, especially after the events of last week and this weekend. It expresses my frustration with the uncertainty of the present, with the helplessness I feel at times, and with a lot of things happening and the general state of our country.

I guess it feels like the right time to share it. I recorded this song along with 4 others for release on an EP titled, “Here From There,” with my good friends, Chris Fordyce on Bass and Dan Tripp on Drums. We had planned to release it this Spring but covid19 had other plans. We are still working on an actual release show for the EP ( and I do have hardcopies), but digital will have to suffice for now. So give it a pre-order at and get ‘What Can We Say” and “Hilltown (Reflections)” to download immediately as a small token of appreciation.

Finally, I want to let everyone know that ALL proceeds from the digital pre-orders for the ‘Here From There’ EP from now until the release date (whenever that is) will go to a local charity (to be announced soon, in an upcoming post) in Des Moines that supports local Black communities and their enrichment.

Thanks for listening. Be Kind, Stay Safe and Stand Together, my friends.

~ Chris

Front Cover
Rear Cover

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