Live Music in 2021 or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to live the #VAXLIFE.

Hey Everyone! It has been far far too long since the last missive from Falcon HQ. I have spent the last 8 months being alternately worried about everything and chomping at the bit to get back out into the world. The EP, ‘Here From There,’ languished in limbo, my pedalboards have expanded and contracted, my voice has come and gone and come back again. It has been a surreal year of surviving that is for sure. I hope all of you reading this have made it this far and are vertical and breathing.

I recently booked a gig and will be schlepping my gear to The Hall in Valley Junction once again. I am equal parts nervous and excited. Nervous because I haven’t played live for people since June and before that since February of 2020. As an artist, I constantly vacillate between crippling anxiety of not being “good enough” or “why would anyone listen to me” and the excitement of writing a new tune and gearing up for a show. I would guess many of you understand the peaks and valleys of the artistic sine wave.

So I am really a hot ball of mixed emotions, but damn if I am not excited to get back out and sing and play and commiserate with all of you in the near future. In the meantime, mask up, be kind, and I be on the look out for some new tunes and more gigs for the rest of the year!

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