Summertime. Summershows. Finally.

Alright. Here we are. June 2022. Been a long time getting here. I have more shows in 1 month than I remember having for a long time and I am looking forward to getting out in the world and sharing in the groove with you all.

As the past couple of years have been strange, at best, I feel a really important thing we all missed is the person-to-person-in-person connections. So come share some vibration, light, pretty much anything positive with me as I get going here this year.

Below is a video I recorded last year, between variants, for the We Are Iowa “Artist Spotlight” in advance of the release show for ‘Here From There,’ almost a year ago (minus a couple weeks). It has been a hell of a year since we played that show and I continue to wonder how we got here from there. But, here we are. Be kind to each other. Listen to each other. Support each other.

Here at the dates this month. Head over to the ‘Upcoming Shows’ page for all the deets!

June 9th (Thursday)Trailside Tap
June 11th (Saturday)Mickey’s Waukee
June 16th (Thursday)Private Event – East Village, DSM
June 16th (Thursday)Confluence Brewing
June 17th (Friday)The Hall DSM
June 18th (Saturday)Brickyard Burgers & Brew – BACCOON RIDE PARTY
June 24th (Friday)Private Event – Adel, IA

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