In the cold of a January winter…

Alright my fine feathered friends! 2018 is here and the world is still spinning, though there have been MANY changes and will continue to be more. After a busy, weird and wonderful 2017, there is quite a bit to look forward to in 2018. For musical me, 2017 was a year of musical exploration and #resistance playing lead guitar with the political prog-folk band, The Bowling Green Massacre, the musical tides have turned and I will be spending my creative energy focused on solo endeavors and collaborations, both live and in the studio, for the foreseeable future. I am actively tracking demos (I know, I know. I always say that, but seriously this time!) and collaborating with some great musical friends in Ellicott City, MD and Chicago, IL. Be on the look out for some new tunes popping up at live shows and fresh arrangements of some old Chris Falcon classics as well. Stay tuned for more news as it happen!

Seriously though, THANK YOU all for your support and I will see you on the road and in the real world. Keep well and be kind to everyone you meet!


Chris Falcon - Promo Illustration_012318
illustration by: Maddy Fusco 

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