The Tracking Continues…

IMG_3203Quick update from the Iowa studio! After a weekend filled with subzero temps outside, I made the most of the inside time. I am currently plugging away on the acoustic guitar and lead vocals for this record thing. It has been a fun change of pace from just rolling through the tunes live. Recording them in this controlled environment has allowed me to bring out some of the subtleties that get lost in a noisy bar. So as I get these tracks laid down, I am sending them back to my good friends at Patapsco Recordings in Maryland for a few additional layers and general studio things. It is slightly different than a traditional studio environment but exciting to really get this thing moving.

As the Winter rolls on, I am going to be pulling together some musical friends and gearing up for an album release show in late-March/early April. Stay tuned for more updates and some sneak previews of new material from the Des Moines  studios over the next few days!

Also, I have a couple of live appearances happening this week. I will be playing a solo show at The Beaver Tap on Wednesday at 8:30pm and then on Thursday I will be hosting the Open Mic Night at the GasLamp downtown. Drop on by to one or both if you have a chance! Cheers and Stay Warm, my fine feathered friends!

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