Another Year Gone and a New One Now Here

Good morning, Good people of the Internet! Another year has gone by and a new one has started right under our noses. 2015 was an awesome year for some things and a rather un-awesome year for others. It was a banner year for me and my family and 2016 looks to continue that trend in a huge way. As I play more shows here in Des Moines, I am (finally) getting my act together for a solo album. I am going to be assisted by some of my long time friends and musical collaborators on the East Coast and possibly a few here in Des Moines. I am very excited to finally make this happen! Be on the look out for more frequent updates as production really ramps up in January and February for a mid-March release. I will be putting together a CD release show around the time of the release so stay tuned for details on that. Be sure to check out my SHOWS page for info on my upcoming live appearances in Des Moines!

I want to send a special and very heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone out there reading this. If you were here cruising the ‘net for tunes or at my shows being your awesome selves it is, in measurable part, because of you that my music keeps going on. If not for you there would be no shows or albums and that would be a bummer. So THANK YOU and keep being awesome in 2016 and I will see you out in the real world!

Next Show is Tuesday January 12th at The Greenwood Lounge on Ingersoll. I will be bringing some new material and workin’ in some older tunes as well! Music starts at 8pm! See you then!

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